Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan sa UPOU

COVID-19 continues to put a toll on many Filipinos, not just economically but emotionally and mentally as well. Although UPOU has been offering its courses fully online,  many of its students have also been negatively affected by the pandemic. Among the negative effects are loss of lives, displacement, unemployment, financial vulnerability, separation from family, absence of mental and emotional support, and unavailability of social and cultural activities. 

Prior to  COVID-19, UPOU students have been studying online. They were all able to access their courses from their workplaces, from Internet cafes, from UPOU facilities, and other areas that allow them free access to the Internet and free use of tools and devices. They were still able to set boundaries between studies and other obligations. However, with the current set-up, their movements have been restricted and they are now forced to do everything at home putting pressure on their life-work balance. 

UPOU students who have been affected by the negative effects of COVID-19 need help in order to continue their studies and adapt to the changes the pandemic has brought to our society.   

The University of the Philippines (UP) launched Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan or #KaagapayUP, a fundraising and resource generation campaign to equip financially-challenged students with computers or laptops and internet connectivity to help them continue their studies. 

UPOU for its part expands this program to UPOU-Kaagapay+ to help address the different and yet unique needs of its students. UPOU-Kaagapay+ goes beyond the provision of computers and internet connectivity, but shall also aim to provide the following needs of its students: a) student loan, b) income generating projects, c) academic support (online tutorial courses and bridge courses), d) technological support (apps to assist in study skills, note-taking, organizational skills, etc), e) psychosocial support (counseling, access to free online support resources, helpdesk, referral system, etc), and f) peer support and virtual interactions (virtual #hangouts, etc). 

UPOU knocks on the hearts of its partners, friends, supporters, and alumni — our Kaagapay –to help and assist the UPOU students who are in need. 

You can either donate pre-owned or brand new laptops and computers or give monetary gifts in cash, check, or electronic funds through over-the-counter or digital transactions using our secure payment gateways via http://kaagapay.up.edu.ph. 

For more information, visit publicservice.up.edu.ph/kaagapay

For assistance, you may get in touch with the Kaagapay Secretariat at 0916 723 1200 or kaagapay@up.edu.ph.

You can also donate directly to the UP Open University Foundation, Inc., through its Bank of the Philippine Islands account Los Banos Branch), with number 0911 0656 14.  

For details about UPOU-Kaagapay+, you may email us through inquiries@upou.edu.ph. 

Be among the helping hands that shall help our students to achieve their dreams and, in return, make meaningful contributions to society and humanity.

Maging kaagapay sa pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan.

Programs under the UPOU-Kaagapay+:

  1. Desktop Computers, Laptop, and gadgets
  2. Monetary Support – This can include support for load and internet subsidy allowance 
  3. Educational Apps and Software 
  4. Psycho Social Support 
  5. Peer Support (Virtual Hangout) 

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